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Triton ver2.0.8 Last Update (06.12.2018)

New : (Arduino + Proteus + Scada) With LZ Led,Button,Analog,Chart Example

Fix Copy Bug

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Micset is software for powerful automation with HMI (Human Machine Interface) for Windows & Android OS.
Appropriate for scientific organisations, students and e.t.c. Uses SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) technology.
XScada Project Editor is unlimited Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage HMI/SCADA applications.
Support touchscreen devices. Native device connectivity - Device communications is a built in part of XScada.
You can comunicate with PLC, PIC, ARM, AVR controllers with Serial ,TCP , UDP , MODBUS/TCP , MODBUS/RTU and Json based JT Communication between scada and devices or web based applications over TCP , Serial . Have Exampes for Delta PLC ,Arduino , LD Micro and more.

XScada is suitable as for ICS so and for basic computers.