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XEdit 4.56 (2013)

XEdit 4.56  (2013)
XEdit 4.56  (2013) XEdit 4.56  (2013) XEdit 4.56  (2013) XEdit 4.56  (2013) XEdit 4.56  (2013)
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What is XEdit?

XEdit is SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) for microcontroller based systems with HMI (Human Machine Interface). XEdit Project Editor is Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage HMI/SCADA applications. XEdit Project Editor is used to create projects, multiproject, configure devices, tags/points, alarms, users, events, server-side scripts and others. Basic and easy interface allow easy management of project configuration and data. Project data are contained in a single directory for easy backup and restore but you can choice where will be saved your project. Native device connectivity - Device communications is a built in part of XEdit. You can comunicate with PLC, PIC, ARM, AVR controllers with MODBUS, LPT, ASCII and TEXT protokols. XEdit is suitable as for ICS so and for basic computers. XEdit is perfect suitable for emmbeded devices. Support PASCAL, C++, BASIC and JAVASCRIPT scripts and touchscreen function for suitable devices.

System requipments:

XEdit has no special system requipments. You can use that program on powerless computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7. XEdit as yet has no version for Linux but you can use it on Linux with Wine.

Contact and Support

You can use contact form and information HERE 
Support email:

For any info, bugs reports and other: 





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